Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Anyway, I arrived on campus and there were people there on the lawn greeting us with colour in their hair and funny clothes on and there was music very loud. So basically before orientation you go on this trip into the woods and "bond" with each other. There were "ice-breakers" and "get to know you" game, and then we set out the next morning. We took a canoe to this farm and like, farmed, and the farmer told us to urinate in cornfield because it was "sustainable agriculture". And like we had to sleep-out-of-doors and like we all smelt bad. Yah, but the tomatoes was good, organic. We sang song and play game, but everybody hate me.


Okay like there were like 2 international students, in our "section", like there was this dude from Isreal and he was like really old like a "twentysomthing" because he was in the army, before he went to college. And he was like a genuis or somthing and like he was a "survival" man in the woods, because he was trained in army and he helped us with like tactics and stuff in survival. And there was this indian guy who was like crazy and he was hitting on every body and he talk a lot and I think he said he was a homosexuel but not sure also the leader man maybe was a homosexuel (o yeah, I learned recently that he was) and like in the lodge where we all me the last day, (it was cool) there were 4 speakers at the program and like 2 were homosexuels. So a lot of homosexuels.

So like the rest of the group was like all oriental peoples which was weird something. Anyway there were a lot of hot gurls on the thing. Actually there were like none.

There were like singing dancing peoples everywhere and like musikals and stuff it was scary.

And sometime like I feel like loser but that boring so I not talk about it.

Oh I went to a "Frat" it was so cool there was free beer, and people were dancing like crazy, and it smelled really bad because people urinate on floor. I was going to play "Beer pong" but there was not tables so I drink beer and play ping-pong in basement. It was not same thing. Then I went dance and I got all sweaty. O and I think some guys were smocking marijuane

Anyway, classes start to-morrow. Orientation was a whirl-wind, and a furor, also today some kids were like cool. O, and I started hitting on that hot gurl from the busse. 


Cavalcadeofcats said...
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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Huh. Sounds like you've been busy. Sorry to hear that you occasionally "feel like loser". Did you really drink beer?