Tuesday, September 23, 2008

College: The Backlog (prologue)

I'm a bit behind on this, but I've got notes! So we'll see how this goes.

The Nicholas left for college on a sunny morn, one stroke before noon; 'twould have been one, were it not for his laggart father, who delayed the errant party for want of camera and pharmaceuticals. Once begun, however, their journey was sure and smooth; the road was clear of obstacles (be they cars, trucks, or stranger things), and their path was known. Twice they were delayed; first for their mid-day dinner, for their repast took two minutes for each one it should have; an hour and a half in sum; then second in the dismal expanse of the City of Angels, wherein which the arteries of traffic were filled to bursting. (Disgusting though the metaphor is.) The Nicholas himself drove for two hours, in a time succeeding the first delay and preceding the second; though at first he was intimidated by the size and poor handling of the vehicle he commanded (a minivan), much worse than the Beetle to which he was accustomed, still he swiftly acclimated and acquitted himself honourably.

They drove unto the southlands, wherin their quest lay; the day had become dreary and filled with a thin gray mist, so near to the sea were they, yet still they were not endangered. In the night hours, they supped at the house of the Buca di Bepo, wherein which was a small orca biting a woman's behind; this (deliciously) accomplished, they went to the house of their friend Presbyter John, which, though concealed by darkness, yet offered shelter and rest to the weary travelers. For a time they tarried in idleness. Some (the Nicholas included) venturing forth to fetch the John's daughter, Jessica, from her play, upon which she pleaded for father-provided funds with an intensity which those not involved found hilarious. (Specifically, she wished to purchase a costume of the anime character "Neki" (?), which she reckoned herself $30 short of; in fact, though, she had discounted shipping, much to her detriment. Also, to our further amusement.) This accomplished, all personae retired; the Nicholas was relegated to a couch, wherein which he slept with a flesh-eating hamster not even a room away.

Also, there was a cat. It was adorable, and deserved petting, which it therefore recieved. The same could not be said of the dog.


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