Sunday, September 28, 2008


ONE DAY: there was a great storm in the land of the place where there is a lot of TREES, and MOUNTAINS. And it rained for 3 days, and 3 nights, and probably MORE, and in the middle of these days, there was a MEETING of the minds, and there was comestibles, and combustibles, and they were "Republicans". And in an auditorium on the other side of the hall, there were "Democrats". And we ate PIZZA, and watched FOX NEWS. And it was "FAIR" and "BALANCED". 

AFTER THAT, there was a PARTY, of a different sort, the kind that involves BINGE DRINKING, and SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, and I attempted to partake, but the line was too long.

AND ON THE NEXT DAY, I became ILL, and UNCOUTH, and, the weather being damp, and unpleasant, I retired to the LIBRARY, whereupon I saw many young virgins, though they probably knew many men by laying with them. 

And I did take several trips to a DRUG-STORE, where I purchased DRUGS, and WATER, and it weighed heavily upon the EARTH.

Also one of my teachers is ALMOST HOT.

Also, chymistry class is apparently more about QUANTUM MECHANICS than chymistry.

Also I found out that a hot womon probably hate me.


Cavalcadeofcats said...


I think you're a little confused about the definition of "virgin", though.

King Kessler said...

Dude you collegiateman! My "university experience" has thus far entailed highschoolstyle homeworks and classes and elementaryschoolstyle bus rides.

Cavalcadeofcats said...

Man, I've never had bus rides. Well. Not on a regular basis.