Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So orientation was like 2.5 weeks long, it was crazy but there was free food and fun stuff. 

My rum(room) is cool, it is a single but it's about the same size at the doubles at berkoley or some other places (owned). It is in an old building so it has "character" which means it kinda smells

The food here is pretty good.

There is so much crap to do here it is rediculous(in a good way)

Classes started today. I have way too much home-works, I think. Also the biology class I signed up because it had a cool description but it turned out to be about "evo devo" which was like my least favourite part of ap bio in hy school, but it was cool but the reading is a lot. The class is freakin huge. It is intro bio so naturally everyone in the world take it, it have like 120 people in auditorium. It's weird because the textbooks aren't real textbooks, they're like paperback regular books. Also chymistry is cool, the classroom has cool black-boards, it is like "modern". Also there was an explosion. Also we start with this weird quantum mechanics stuff that is confusing but it is so cool. Also the professore's mouth is weird.

I tried out for the penis-boat team but I phaled, but I got some special programmes or something. I was doing it to "impress the ladies" but too late for that I guess.

Also I tried hitting on that girl and I think I scared her off because she was like cool to me but like she don't respond. :(

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Hah! "Kinda smells" indeed!

Also, your 120-person class has nothing on larger schools. UCSD's Chem 6A is infamous - it has 500 people in one section, to my understanding! There's even a song about it!

Sorry about the boat thing. Better luck in future!