Thursday, November 05, 2009

The fateful squadron

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Nikolas cryed out ouer the speakers system "They surrounded us! " Lets Retreet"!!! He said. The Helicoupters were buzzing loud around them like swarm of Gnats. Nikoulas pressed the big red bouton on his control panel, and he fire his large missel at the one of them. "That buyed us of some time Let's get out of here!!" He said. A large explosion. He rerutned to head Quarters. Mission failed! He could not subdued the enimies. Nikolas went home very dissapointed. They must won the war! I cannot let the enemy beat on us! !

Another day another battle Field. The captain of Squadrone 1, Commander Nikoulous!! he said, "Lets kill the bastards!" He said yelling them. They won the war, and every body was happy them. Nikolas became a locale heros.

That day he recieved a strange mission brefing from H. Q it said" Lets go to a party! " He said. "But I can not go this time. you must deliver the secret messgage to that girl over there." Nikolas looked inside the letter it say "Hey sex, I wished I was DY/DX so I can layed tangential to you're curves!!" What a good prose, Nikolas thought to him self! He delivered the message personally in person. The girl read it and he spit on Nikolas. How rude he think? He left in a weary mood.

That night he sleep, and he dreamed.

He told me his dream:

so like
i was in scool
and i was taking japanese class
for some reason
i forgot all of the japonese i learned
in hi scool
ryan tsong was there
and then like
he was like o haha im goign to beat you in this
and then
i forgot everything
so like
i was bad
on the test
and then i was like
shit i hope this is a dream
and then
it was a dream
it was a dream
inside a dream
and then like
i woke up from the dream inside the dream
and then
i was talking to you
and then like
i was reminded of the test
so i studied for a bit
and i rememebd some things
and then i did ok on the test
then later
it turned otu
that the test became like some
basket ball game
or smething
and it was really important on apparently
and then were in this big hotel
and ryan was neighbour to my room
and i could hear big party and i was jelouse of him
at that point i was a cartoon character
from a show i saw a long time ago
but then they caem in my room
and there was like
reperters from the news
and important peoplea
and apparently i scored the winning goal
or something
and there was a big party
then after
a womon came into the room
and she was really hot
and it ended up
that we had sex
i dont know how
and then
it turned out
that the womon
was my room mates girl freind
and then i was lik
o shit
and then like
my roommate and i were still in this hotel
and we went to breakfast or somethitng
and he did know
and it was really awkward
and i felt bad about it
and it was like of fuck what am i going to do
and i was like
o god i hope this is a dream or something
and it turned out
it was

"Man, Im so deepresed now, he said"!

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

The quality of the prose - incomparable! I am left awestruck.